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New Smartphone-Controlled Treatment for Migraines

Migraines are characterized by reoccurring attacks of severe headache and dysfunction of the autonomic nervous system which controls the body’s automatic activities like digestion and breathing. A migraine is often severe enough to take a devastating toll on your ability to interact with others, perform the tasks of daily life, and work.

The New York Times recently published an article regarding new treatments for migraines.  Traditionally, doctors relied on drugs to quiet the nerves that transmit pain signals in order to treat migraines. Recently, a nondrug option has entered the market. The treatment is a neurostimulator that is worn as an armband and transmits electrical pulses on the skin. The band is controlled through a cellphone app and can be adjusted by the patient directly. This treatment will allow patients to be in control of the level of treatment based on their bodily intuition.

ZNC has represented many claimants with long-term and short-term disability claims based on migraines.  While migraine treatment has advanced greatly in recent years, many still remain disabled from working, even if new treatments can reduce the frequency and intensity of migraines.  At ZNC, we prepare our Connecticut and Westchester County disability benefit appeals by coordinating with your physician, family, employer, and friends to demonstrate how your ability to work is impaired. We can help with your initial benefits application as well as nay appeals of disability denials.  The claims process can be daunting and confusing; let us help. If you are suffering from frequent, debilitating migraines please contact David Rintoul at drintoul@znclaw.com or at 203-332-5782.


This article was co-authored by legal intern, Alyssa Ferreone. Alyssa is not yet admitted to practice law.