Health Care Law

Zeldes, Needle & Cooper offers sophisticated legal assistance in the area of Connecticut health care law through its transactional attorneys, paralegals, and, where necessary, ZNC litigators experienced in representing health care providers in practice management and ownership disputes, contract disputes,employment, and covenants not to compete.

Attorney Robert S. Cooper heads ZNC’s health care practice area. He combines his broad experience in business transactions with the specialized knowledge about regulatory and patient care issues necessary to navigate complications inherent in health care matters. He represents both physician practices and medical device manufacturers and distributors.
ZNC health care law services encompass many subject matters, including formation of business entities for physician practices and other corporate law matters, advice concerning relationships between physician practices and hospitals or insurers, employment issues arising within physician practices, regulatory investigations and audits, defense of malpractice claims, and more general business matters such as disputes with vendors or competitors. ZNC has also represented medical device manufacturers and distributors involved in regional, national and international markets.

ZNC assists physician practices with corporate law matters, including:

  • Formation of new physician practice business entities
  • Assistance with management and ownership issues arising out of physician practice business entities
  • Merger or acquisition of existing physician practices, including acquisitions by hospitals

ZNC has handled many employment matters for physicians, beginning with advice concerning initiation of employment and preparation of written employment contracts and continuing with all types of employment (or similar) issues, such as:

  • Employment contracts involving non-physician employees of physician practices, including nurses, physician assistants and office staff
  • Confidentiality and non-competition provisions
  • Employment of physicians by physician practices
  • Employment of physicians by hospitals
  • Defense of employment discrimination claims against physician practices
  • Admissions to hospital staffs

ZNC handles general business and real estate matters for physician practices, such as:

  • Leasing for physician offices and out-patient treatment facilities
  • Purchase and sale of real estate for physician practices
  • Representation of physician practices in connection with acquisition, implementation and management of EMR and PM computer software
  • Contract issues, including those arising out of disputes with suppliers and sellers of equipment and supplies

ZNC handles issues relating to malpractice insurance and health insurance providers, including:

  • Relations between physician practices and their malpractice insurers
  • Defense of malpractice claims and litigation
  • Negotiations between physician practices and health insurers

ZNC also provides services relating to unique regulatory or organizational issues arising out of physician practices, such as:

  • Advice concerning federal and state regulatory issues, such as audits
  • Concierge medical practice issues, including representation of consultant specializing in concierge physician practices Physician and chiropractor employment contracts
  • Negotiations with medical insurers

Besides services offered to physician practice groups, the ZNC health care lawyers also represent both domestic and foreign medical device manufacturers and distributors, and have handled the following kinds of matters:

  • Preparing or reviewing new distributor contracts
  • Disputes arising out of distributor contracts
  • Regulatory issues concerning medical devices
  • Formation, merger, purchase or sale of business entities involved in businesses manufacturing or distributing medical devices
  • Corporate structure and management of businesses involved in manufacturing or distributing medical devices
  • Employment contracts and other employment issues for medical device companies
  • Purchase or sale of real estate for medical device companies



Compensation Models for Therapists in a Group Medical Practice

This series is the result of a collaboration between David Rintoul, a partner at ZNC, and Michael Hunter, a therapist who has owned and operated a mental health therapy practice, worked in other practices, and has been a consultant to mental health counseling practices.   David provides employment and business advice to ZNC’s medical practice advisory group.  While this article discussed these business issues in the context of mental health counseling practices, the principles apply to any group medical practice.  If you have any questions about the therapist reimbursement models discussed in these articles, David and Robert Cooper would be happy to discuss any questions you may have. 

Medical Practice Member Compensation Part One: Attract Talent; Advance Your Values; and Make Money

Medical Practice Member Compensation Part Two: Communal Office Sharing Arrangements