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Health Care Law

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Health Care Law

Zeldes, Needle & Cooper offers sophisticated legal assistance in the area of Connecticut health care law through its transactional attorneys, paralegals, and, where necessary, ZNC litigators experienced in representing health care providers in practice management and ownership disputes, contract disputes, employment, and covenants not to compete.

Attorney Robert S. Cooper heads ZNC’s health care practice area. He combines his broad experience in business transactions with the specialized knowledge about regulatory and patient care issues necessary to navigate complications inherent in health care matters. He represents both physician practices and medical device manufacturers and distributors, and a company that establishes concierge practices for medical practitioners.

ZNC health care law services encompass many subject matters, including the formation of business entities for physician practices and other corporate law matters, advice concerning relationships between physician practices and hospitals or insurers, employment issues arising within physician practices, regulatory investigations and audits, defense of malpractice claims, and more general business matters such as disputes with vendors or competitors and the purchase or sale of medical practices. ZNC has also represented medical device manufacturers and distributors involved in regional, national and international markets.

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