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Criminal Defense

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Criminal Defense

As Connecticut criminal defense attorneys, ZNC offers valuable guidance through all stages of the legal process, including the pre-arrest period. We fight to assure that those who have been accused of a crime have all their legal rights protected, and thoughtfully work with them in considering their best options.

With offices in Bridgeport and Stamford, ZNC attorneys have an established presence in appearing before judges and prosecutors in criminal courts throughout the State. We aggressively defend the rights of our clients against a wide range of charges, from infractions and misdemeanors to serious crimes. We have successfully resolved allegations of DUI / DWI, vehicular offenses, traffic violations, assault, domestic violence, drug and alcohol related crimes, larceny, breach of peace and public disturbances, and property damage. How a criminal charge is resolved can have long-lasting effects. We consider and explain all of our clients’ potential outcomes, including pursuing the pretrial diversionary and rehabilitative programs, and expungements, available in Connecticut to minimize or eliminate the adverse effects of a criminal record. We have successfully disposed of all types of criminal matters defending clients who have been charged with sexual assault, risk of injury to a minor, DUI, assaults and domestic disputes, leaving them without a criminal record after the court proceedings were finalized.

In our white-collar crime practice, we are effective in analyzing complex financial evidence related to charges of RICO, tax fraud, mail fraud, wire fraud, Medicaid and Medicare fraud, mortgage and real estate fraud, securities violations, false billing practices, money laundering, structuring, conspiracy, embezzlement, theft, and other serious felonies. ZNC is diligent in fully investigating the evidence forming the basis for any criminal allegations against its clients. Our attorneys are careful and instinctive in all of their dealings with United States attorneys and agents of the IRS and the Federal Bureau of Investigation, and only recommend trial when a difficult case cannot be fairly and reasonably resolved in the pre-trial stages. If trial is necessary, however, ZNC’s criminal law attorneys are experienced and zealous advocates for their clients.

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