Employment and Employee Benefits

Employment and Employee Benefits

Zeldes, Needle & Cooper offers employers and employees advice to address the challenges of the workplace, with practical and cost-effective advice shaped by years of experience addressing workplace challenges and opportunities.

Every employment consultation at ZNC starts with listening: what are the client’s concerns, hopes, and ultimate goals regarding the issue? How does it influence the client’s long-term business or career goals, and what choices does the client have? We use our knowledge of employment law and experience resolving practical workplace issues to educate our clients so the client can make the best decision about how to reach these goals. The process of listening, and applying our legal and practical knowledge to promote the client’s long-term goals, continues throughout the representation, as we work tenaciously to further clients’ interests.

Employment lawsuits are an intrinsic part of employment law, either bringing a suit to vindicate your rights, or to defend a lawsuit. ZNC’s lawyers aggressively pursue employment cases to serve their client’s practical interests.

Representation of Individuals
Representation of Employers/Business Owners
Employee Benefits/ERISA/Pensions and Long Term Disability

The employment law team at ZNC has litigated all types of employment disputes, including jury trials in state and federal court, and in administrative agencies, including discrimination matters before the Connecticut Commission on Human Rights and Opportunities, and wage and hour and unemployment claims with the Department of Labor.

Employment law advice to avoid litigation can be a lawyer’s most valuable contribution. The many years that ZNC’s employment attorneys have practiced, both in advisory roles and in litigation, gives them practical experience about the opportunities and challenges presented by the complex issues that arise from the employment relationship: What are the different choices available to resolve the issue? What are the challenges and opportunities to each one? How likely to occur is each of the options? ZNC’s employment law attorneys offer practical advice informed by decades of career and business advice, and litigation.