Worker’s Compensation

Worker’s Compensation

Work is the place that many of us spend the majority of time to provide housing, sustenance, education and opportunities to ourselves and our families, and to have a safe, productive and satisfying life. Workplace injuries, however, can put all this at risk. The Workers’ Compensation system is intended to compensate workers when they are injured on the job. While intended to be a quick and simple system to compensate workers, obtaining just compensation from the system is increasing complex.

ZNC’s Connecticut workers’ compensation attorneys represent injured employees, including seriously injured workers and complex claims. We have represented union and non-union workers, police officers, paid and volunteer fire fighters, correction officers, truck drivers, delivery drivers, factory workers, administrative assistants, laboratory technicians, medical record keepers, teachers and professional athletes among others. We have represented injured employees with a wide variety of injuries, including back injuries, neck injuries, paralysis, heart attacks and heart conditions (myocardial infarction (MI), atrial fibrillation (afib), hypertension, aortic dissection), concussions, comas, tinnitus, hearing loss, shoulder injuries, knee injuries, foot and ankle injuries, elbow injuries, hernias, carpal tunnel syndrome, burns, PTSD, exposure to MRSA, exposure to HIV, infections, and death.

The attorneys in our offices have a wealth of knowledge of substantive worker’s compensation law from representing Connecticut injured employees in proceeding before the Connecticut Workers Compensation Commission, the Compensation Review Board, and appeals to the Connecticut Superior Court and the Connecticut Appellate Court. ZNC’s workers compensation attorneys are also experienced in pursuing alternative dispute resolution of Workers Compensation disputes through both informal mediation and in court-annexed and private mediation. Our attorneys zealously advocate for those who have been injured due to the misfortunes of being exposed to workplace hazards. When a worker has been hurt on the job, ZNC attorneys find a way to obtain maximum compensation for these injuries to compensate for their lost earnings and future earnings from the loss of work experience that contributes to higher pay scales. ZNC’s Workers Compensation attorneys keep their clients informed about the status of their cases, and keep them involved in all aspects of their case.

With our law offices located in Bridgeport, Darien, and Stamford, Connecticut, ZNC provides our experienced worker’s compensation attorneys with access throughout the New Haven, Hartford, New London, and Fairfield Counties.