The Zeisler-Verrillo Bankruptcy and Restructuring Group

The Zeisler-Verrillo Bankruptcy and Restructuring Group

Our nation has rightly concluded that it is unwise and unhealthy for individuals and businesses to attempt to live and endure under extreme financial distress.  Our bankruptcy laws exist to provide both debtors and creditors a venue where relief can be obtained and fair accommodations reached.  ZNC’s Zeisler-Verillo Bankruptcy and Restructuring Group  expertly guide individuals, families and business entities – both small and large – through the process of analyzing their current situation, identifying potential solutions and where appropriate, seeking relief under bankruptcy laws.  Our lawyers understand that there are few situations in life as stressful to clients as the ones which arise in this field:  the threat of losing one’s home to foreclosure; the possibility of having to close one’s business; or the loss of critical revenue caused by the default of a customer.

The Zeisler-Verillo Bankruptcy and Restructuring Group is headed by Richard D. Zeisler and James G. Verrillo, individuals who have been preeminent in this field for many years.  All of our bankruptcy lawyers realize that clients deserve careful and well-designed action plans tailored to their individual situation.  One size does not fit all.  Frequently, clients face governmental collection and enforcement actions from the IRS, the State of Connecticut Department of Revenue Services, and others.  In those instances, clients are well-advised to retain a law firm which has the resources, reputation and determination to effectively represent the client in the face of IRS collections, tax liens, IRS wage garnishment, Connecticut DRS liens  ZNC is proud to be just such a firm.

The Zeisler-Verillo Group has many years of advising debtors in financial distress is an invaluable asset to us when we represent creditors.  Our Connecticut and New York State clients who are creditors of individuals or businesses in financial distress or in bankruptcy know that we can provide them expert guidance in enforcing their rights under law while protecting themselves against any debtor who may seek to abuse our laws or systems.

The Zeisler-Verillo Group takes great pride in serving as trusted advisors who can be relied upon by clients to provide guidance in order to avoid or at least mitigate financial problems.  Just as it makes sense to repair one’s roof before the rain comes, ZNC lawyers help clients guide their financial decisions away from trouble.  ZNC’s Connecticut asset protection attorneys carefully weigh the many state and federal criminal and civil laws governing this issue to protect their clients’ assets while reducing the risk of future legal problems.   Ethical and prudent decisions, timely made, to protect one’s assets before problems arise is one of the many ways that ZNC provides real value to our clients.

ZNC’s bankruptcy and reorganization attorneys represent clients throughout the Northeast and beyond.  We appear on behalf of clients in the bankruptcy courts of Connecticut as well as New York.

Bankruptcy – Individual Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 Homeowner Bankruptcy
Complex Business Chapter 11 Reorganizations
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