Complex Business Chapter 11 Reorganizations

Chapter 11 cases are among the law’s most complex and challenging proceedings.  To successfully navigate a Chapter 11 proceeding a client – debtor or creditor – will require a law firm with mastery of multiple skills including the ability to:

  • analyze business operations and financial data
  • conduct multiple negotiations simultaneously with other parties in the case
  • properly advocate for a client before governmental bodies such as the IRS, the Office of the United States Trustee and other state and federal agencies
  • react timely to changing circumstances in a case
  • effectively assert a client’s position in motions, briefs and other written submissions as well as advocating for such positions in oral argument before the court
  • try contested evidentiary hearings in court

ZNC’s lawyers have represented clients in some of Connecticut’s most complex Chapter 11 cases.  We take great pride in our reputation for having the skills, resources and tenacity to take on the most difficult challenges.  We have many years of experience and familiarity with high-stakes, pressure situations and relish every opportunity to champion our clients’ cause.