Corporate Law and Business Transactions

Connecticut business law

Corporate Law and Business Transactions

ZNC Attorneys provide advice and other assistance concerning a multitude of other business-related issues, such as formation of business entities, purchases and sales of businesses, employment, contracts, regulatory concerns and tax issues. These comprehensive services include the following:

Formation of the Right Business Entity
ZNC’s Connecticut corporate attorneys assist their clients succeed in business by establishing and structuring the business entity that best serves their clients’ goals. Under Connecticut law and Federal tax law, different types of business organizations, such as C-corporations, S-corporations, limited liability companies and partnerships, can best serve a client’s particular needs. ZNC’s corporate attorneys have the technical knowledge, experience, and business savvy to choose and structure a business organization to best serve the client’s business and tax objectives.

Currently, the most popular kind of business entity in Connecticut is the limited liability company. One of the main advantages of organizing a business as a limited liability company is the flexibility of this kind of business organization.  ZNC’s attorneys guide clients in the choice of the structure and management most suited to their own businesses, and preserve these choices through written operating agreements. ZNC has extensive experience in preparing LLC operating agreements tailored to our clients’ specific needs. There are a few Connecticut legal requirements applicable to all limited liability companies, but for the most part, each company can decide for itself how best to organize its ownership and management.

The preparation and due execution of a well thought-out operating agreement is a crucial step whenever a limited liability company is formed or its structure is modified. Resolving issues of which partners get to participate in what decisions, and how money will be divided on an on-going basis and upon sale of the company at the beginning of a business relationship greatly reduces the likelihood of litigation and dissention later. For existing family businesses or closely-held businesses, resolving issues of management succession can assure the hard work of the founders is not squandered.

Maintaining Compliance with Business Entity Laws  
Once clients have formed a business, ZNC’s Connecticut corporate attorneys assist them to comply with the technical, legal requirements for various business entity types. Issues may concern maintaining sufficient records of shareholder, partner or member interests, voting, document amendments, governance issues, management control, annual reports or other Connecticut Secretary of State filings, and many other topics relating to the legalities of maintaining a separate business entity.

Assistance with Day-to-Day Business Operations
The legal services offered by ZNC’s corporate attorneys also cover the thousands of issues that may arise in the course of day-to-day business operations.The issues, vary, of course, depending on the kind of business.  In general, however, most businesses use or are subject to written contracts of some form. Contract preparation or review by a ZNC corporate attorney can help businesses avoid unexpected obligations or disputes by clarifying the needs and wants of the client in clear, enforceable contract language.  Most businesses are also subject to some kind of regulation, whether it be environmental regulations, consumer protection laws, licensing, or other forms of state or federal regulation. ZNC’s corporate attorneys have expertise guiding clients through complications created by regulatory laws, as applied by state and federal regulatory agencies. Most businesses also are subject to taxation, which brings into play advice about the tax implications of major transactions, tax on ordinary sales or the best structure for employee benefits. Almost all businesses need legal assistance from time to time with employment matters. ZNC’s corporate attorneys draw from the strength of the firm’s employment law practice area to assist businesses with employment issues.

Extraordinary Business Transactions
In addition to expertise relevant to day to day business operations, ZNC’s corporate attorneys have in-depth expertise about extraordinary, substantial transactions involving businesses. These kinds of less routine, major transactions can involve mergers, business acquisitions or sales, real estate purchases or sales, leasing, franchising, business succession plans, and estate plans for shareholders or members that affect business succession.

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