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Attorney Virgil Secures $15.6 Million Jury Verdict

Jeremy Virgil, the chair of ZNC’s Connecticut personal injury practice, secured a $15.6 million jury verdict at Derby Superior Court last week. Attorney Virgil, a Bridgeport personal injury lawyer, represented the estate and family members of Salomon Martinez, who lost his life over a dispute arising from a beer pong game on January 16, 2013. The defendants in the trial, Kyle Gonzalez, and Matthew Chandler and Stephanie Dwyer, were playing beer pong with Mr. Martinez. Beer pong is a drinking game. A fight broke out when Gonzalez and Chandler lost a $10 bet on the game, and accused Martinez of cheating. The fight ended with Mr. Martinez’s fall to his death from a fourth-floor window. Mr. Martinez was a son, a husband and a father to a four-year-old girl. The six jurors deliberated for one day and returned with the 15.6 million-dollar verdict for Martinez’s family. Click on this link to the Connecticut Post for more information on Attorney Virgil’s victory