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Employer Compliance with the FFCRA, the Families First Coronavirus Relief Act

Fairfield County employers know that laws regarding medical leaves and sick pay recently passed in response to the coronavirus pandemic are complicated.  Until recently, were subject to change with each of the coronavirus bills being considered by Congress.  It looks like the Families First Coronavirus Relief Act, or FFCRA, is now set, and comes into effect April 1, 2020.  Government agencies have started issuing guidance about the law.

We will post more materials about this and other coronavirus issues over the next week.  But to start, below are links to the poster that employers are required to post in the work place by April 1, 2020.  We have also attached a useful FAQ from the Connecticut Department of Labor.  It addresses many of the questions about unemployment benefits that we have been asked by employers and workers. While the DOL guidance does not reflect the stimulus bill that is currently pending in Congress.  That bill is likely to increase the amount of benefits and extends the length of time benefits are paid.  Its description of employees’  eligibility for unemployment benefits in connection with the various actions employers are taking regarding the coronavirus situation should still be accurate.

Coronavirus has hit Fairfield County hard, and the State of Connecticut has been active in issuing guidance and regulations about employment and employers in Connecticut.  We will work to make Znclaw.com a resource for you as you deal with the complicated employment issues the situation presents.

If you have any questions about these matters, or any other coronavirus issue, please call or email me.

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