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ZNC Obtains Verdict Over $2.8 Million Dollars From New Haven Court

On November 28, 2012, Attorney Jeremy C. Virgil obtained a $2,841,914.84 verdict from Judge John C. Flanagan on behalf of a tenant who suffered injuries from a malfunctioning stove in a lawsuit against his then landlords. On January 17, 2007, our client was consumed in flames when he attempted to light the rooming house’s common kitchen stove. He sustained second and third degree burns to nearly his entire body. Treatment required him to be placed into a coma and paralyzed during his three month hospitalization that necessitated multiple skin grafts and facial reconstruction surgeries. Despite denying liability one of the landlords admitted during her deposition that she knew the stove had been malfunctioning and had intentionally left it that way to discourage the tenants from using it to keep the gas bill down.

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